DGA recalls Reeves

Helmers look back on the admired thesp

HOLLYWOOD — A band of DGA-nommed telepic helmers discussed the late Christopher Reeve — nominated for “The Brooke Ellison Story” — Jan. 26 at the DGA.

“I asked Chris what it was like when he was dreaming, and he said he was always swimming,” said Howard Meltzer, producer of “The Brooke Ellison Story.”

“He was always underwater. He never dreamt that he was in his wheelchair. And similarly Brooke Ellison always dreamt that she was ballet dancing; that is the theme that runs through this film.”

Another topic of note was the negative opinions often surrounding made-for-television movies.

“Nobody ever says ‘feature-for-television.’ It is always ‘movie-of-the week,’ or ‘television movie,’ and this has produced a stigma that certainly wasn’t intended,” argued Joe Sargent, nominee for “Something the Lord Made.”

“Its threatens the stature of the kind of work that’s going on. The bar has risen. ”

Lloyd Kramer was also on hand for the event moderated by Mick Garris.