Delicious Mauritius

Hugh Jackman, Canal Plus execs and ICM's Lyndsey Posner journey to the Indian Ocean in search of a far-off getaway

On her initial visit to the tropical volcanic island of Mauritius, just off the east coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, ICM’s Lyndsey Posner suddenly fell ill.

Strange, then, that she has returned to the island eight times. “I’ve never had someone in a beautiful white outfit deliver a prescription on a silver tray as I was lying supine on a divan,” says Posner, managing director of the agency’s London office. “The service is extraordinary. They are incredibly thoughtful and kind.”

At several resorts, private chefs and wait staff are always on call, as are 24-hour butlers who are tutored by veteran attendants to the British royals.

“I have never been anywhere like it in the world,” Posner says. “No request is too difficult.”

Surrounded by clear blue water, white sand and coral reefs, this African nation not only features several of the world’s most luxurious six-star resorts, but an eclectic cultural mix that proves there is at least one place on Earth where we can all get along.

A 10-hour flight from Europe, the island has become a regular getaway for British and French industryites and celebs, such as helmer Francois Ozon, Emmanuelle Beart and Charlotte Rampling.

Western industryites frequent two properties owned by One & Only Resorts, the sleek, contemporary Le Touesserok and the lush and opulent Le Saint Geran. The latter resort is so heavy in media types that it is “like the retreat for Canal Plus,” says Jerry Inzerillo, exec VP of Kerzer Intl., One & Only’s parent company.

“Le Saint Geran is a place a lot of Hollywood people go when they want to decompress and don’t want to see anyone,” Inzerillo says.

“In Cabo, when you go during the holiday period, you will certainly be well looked after, there will be no paparazzi, but you will be around people you may know,” he adds. “The Indian Ocean is for people who really want to rest. Oprah or Sharon Stone or John Travolta go when they really want to shut down. Nobody bothers them.”