Fuelled by a steady flow of caipirinhas cocktails, guests at Monday’s party for “Lower City” partied til 3:30 ayem at the Villa Mamounia-Mounia. Keeping everyone on their feet were Jerome Pigeon and Tchiky al Dente, resident deejays at Paris club Favela Chic.

Helmer Sergio Machado, who characterized his pic as one about “drifting people living in a tough environment who find themselves through passion and love,” said the audience’s reaction to the film at the screening had been amazing. “I’ve had a really wonderful day,” he added.

Machado revealed he is already working on the script for his next project, “Hotel Paradise.” New pic will be like “Asphalt Jungle” set in Bahia, and would “look at how friendship is another way to survive in a tough environment,” he said.

Also attending at the party were “Lower City” stars Alice Braga, who also starred in “City of God” and who is the niece of Sonia Braga, Lazaro Ramos and Wagner Moura.

Among the partygoers were Katia Lund, co-director on “City of God”; Marcelo Gomes, helmer of “Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures”; producer Ulrich Felsberg; Frank Miller, co-director and writer of “Sin City;” Paul Zaentz, producer of “Goya’s Ghost”, and Samantha Horley of Lumina, which is selling “Lower City.”