Anni orbits ‘Apollo’

Pic celebrates 10th year

HOLLYWOOD — The “Apollo 13” 10th anniversary edition DVD launched into orbit Wednesday night with Imax unspoolings at the California Science Center in Los Angeles and the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral.

Screenings were followed by a Q&A electronically linking up film’s topliner Tom Hanks and producer Brian Grazer in Los Angeles with helmer Ron Howard and Capt. Jim Lovell in Florida. Leonard Maltin moderated the discussion.

Explaining what initially drew him to the story, Hanks said, “It had this element to it — particularly in Jim’s character — of a man who was like Odysseus strapping himself to the mast while he listened to the sirens calling.” Lovell, dressed in a yellow NASA jacket, expressed amazement at Hanks’ attention to detail.

Tom would “secretly observe me,” Lovell said. “He took notes. When I saw the movie, I couldn’t believe what I saw. I was looking at myself.”

Throughout the Q&A, Hanks and Grazer managed to keep the conversation light.

After one audience question from Florida, Grazer quipped, “I thought your question was going to be how much money did you make on this movie.”

“No, that question will come from a kid in Los Angeles,” Hanks replied.