Thelma White

Actress, agent and producer Thelma White died at the Motion Picture Hospital in Woodland Hills, Calif., Jan. 5 of pneumonia. She was 94.

White began her 87-year career in the industry appearing at the age of 2 as the “live baby doll” in the A.C. Worthman Carnival in 1912. She continued performing in vaudeville until adulthood, when she started her film career in a series of comedy one-reelers.

She appeared on Broadway in shows including “Saluta” co-starring Milton Berle. Her film appearances included “Bowery Champs” with the East Side Kids, “Blonde Poison,” “Song of the Open Road,” “The Moon Is Our Home,” and the cult classic “Reefer Madness.”

After an illness in 1946, she became unable to perform and started a talent agency, where she worked with thesps including Dolores Hart, James Coburn and Ann Jillian. In the late 1960s, she launched a production company, working on projects including “Tom Jones Rides Again,” in which she also co-starred.