Television director Richy Victor died in a train accident while vacationing in Lisbon, Portugal on May 13. He was 81.

Richard Francis Victor was born in Chicago, and after serving in WWII he formed a comedy duo playing in Chicago cabarets with his partner Bud Young. He started his behind-the-camera career at the ABC-owned TV station in Chicago and became the stage manager of the “Super Circus” program.

He went on to become the producer and director of the Tom Duggan daily variety show. Over the next 35 years, Richy directed hundreds of shows at Channel 7 in Chicago. He created the award-winning program “First Freedom,” in which the public could speak on various issues.

In 1962, he created a spoof of the Kennedy family with Larry Einhorn with a board game called “New Frontier-Ola,” and then in 1964 the two of them bought the sheets the Beatles slept on during their North American tour and cut them up into one inch squares, continuing to sell them for many years.

He is survived by a nephew and three nieces.