Actress June MacCloy died May 5 in Sonoma, Calif. She was 95.

A blonde singer and actress of 1930s cinema, she costarred with Bert Lahr, Groucho Marx, Bebe Daniels, ZaSu Pitts, Jack Oakie.

Born in Sturgis, Mich., she got her start in New York vaudeville. Her first feature was “Reaching for the Moon” with Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. in 1930. In the film, she sings the last chorus of ” When the Folks High Up Do The Mean Low Down!” by Irving Berlin. She appeared in “June Moon” and then in “The Big Gamble.”

In the early 1930s MacCloy made at least nine film shorts, including a series of short comedies called “The Gay Girls.”

On Broadway, she appeared with Lupe Velez, Bert Lahr, Buddy Rogers and June Knight in “Hot-Cha,” Florenz Ziegfeld’s last production

She sang on the cruise ship “SS Transylvania,” and spent the rest of the 1930s performing in Chicago, New York and San Francisco clubs and theaters.

In the 1940 film “Glamour for Sale,” MacCloy plays the owner of an escort service. Her last film was “Go West” in 1940, in which she tries to seduce Groucho Marx.

She is survived by a son and a daughter.