TV exec Adrian Vargas Guajardo died May 7 due to injuries resulting from an accident on an all terrain vehicle in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. He was 41.

Guajardo was V.P. of MVS Comunicaciones, one of Mexico’s largest restricted television platforms. He spent his entire career with MVS, which was founded and run by his father, Joaquin Vargas Gomez. MVS runs the microwave transmission pay TV network Multivision, one of Mexico’s fastest-growing DTH platforms, as well as a chain of radio stations and Internet providers.

Among other positions at the net, Vargas was musical director at MVS Radio, vice president of MVS Radio and, later, president of Adnet, an Internet service provider controlled by MVS. Vargas, along with his brother, Ernesto, pushed MVS into becoming an ISP, one of the most important corporate changes at the net. In addition to his work at MVS, Vargas was president of the Mexico City Association of Radio Stations and a member of the National Communications Council.

He is survived by his wife, Maria, and three children.