Airey visions for Sky exec

Bright future in store for mobile

CANNES — Dawn Airey, managing director of satcaster Sky Networks (U.K.), admitted, “I have no idea what holds 10 years hence” during a keynote address at Mip Tuesday.

“If I did, I would be living on the Riviera and own the Isles de Lerins,” she told an audience gathered for “A Vision of the Future: Fast Forward to TV 2015,” one of the panels and confabs skedded each day during the five-day market.

Airey, however, was willing to predict that the future will provide a more dynamic and vibrant experience for the viewer as TV goes mobile.

Airey said TV content and its delivery will be much more upfront and personal, adding, “Content providers will have to be in possession of a recognizable brand or a collection of brands to survive.”

She predicted that digital penetration of British households will reach 10 million and pay TV penetration should reach 80%, following a trend sweeping the entire European continent.

“No one has a monopoly on delivering digital content to the home. The power will shift to the consumer,” Airey opined.

On the programming front, Airey suggested, the drama genre will benefit from interactivity as consumers choose their own story endings by pressing a button on the remote control.

Also within 10 years, she predicted, there will be more “event TV,” including reality formats or big sports events.