LAS VEGAS — Oprah Winfrey wowed a packed house of TV station managers and execs when, without any advance billing, she walked on the stage at the Four Seasons ballroom Tuesday night at the NATPE confab.

Introduced by King World’s Roger King, whose masterful selling of her daytime show has made her a multi-billionaire, Winfrey lauded King’s salesmanship but jokingly disparaged his less-than-brilliant creative instincts.

Delivering a dead-on impersonation of King’s growly voiced, quick-talking bluster, she reminded King that a few years ago he insisted she do an hour edition on the spate of bad weather that was gripping various parts of the country.

“I felt I had to do it because Roger was asking for it, but that episode ended up getting the worst ratings in the show’s history,” she said.

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However, Winfrey also acknowledged King’s contribution to her success when she said, “Roger invited me on one of his boats, and when I was hesitant about going out on the water, he said, ‘Listen, if you hear the words ‘glub, glub, glub’ coming out of my mouth, it will be me at the bottom holding up your ass.’ ”

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