WB tunes in retro stars

Warners turns 50

HOLLYWOOD — With TCA under way last week in L.A., Warner Home Video and Warner Bros. TV invited journos to Burbank on Thursday to commemorate WBTV’s 50th anni.

Guests voyaged through the last 50 years on Stage 6, where current WBTV talents Anthony LaPaglia and Peter Gallagher could dine in a 1970s-era kitchen complete with an avocado refrigerator and orange Formica cabinets and wind up in a 1950s diner for ice cream sundaes.

Also on display: the General Lee from “The Dukes of Hazzard” and costumes from “Friends” and “Wonder Woman.”

“Bringing TV shows of today and yesterday into the DVD fold allows a medium that was once considered by some as disposable the chance to be timeless,” said “The OC” creator Josh Schwartz.

Warner Home Vid’s Ron Sanders described the evening as a chance for old and new WB casts to meet.

“It’s our own little high school reunion,” he said. “Catherine Bach is still Daisy Duke and Linda Gray and Larry Hagman get to reunite once more as ‘Dallas” J.R. and Sue Ellen.”

But Gray said she and Hagman actually reunite on a regular basis. “We have lunch twice a month,” she said.