Vox docs to suppress sex

Web stops airing sex show in favor of docs

COLOGNE — Germany’s Vox, a web of RTL Group, has kicked out its sex information programming in favor of enhanced international docu coverage from BBC.

On Thursday, Vox for the last time aired “Wa(h)re Liebe,” which had been running for more than 500 weekly shows. It created a TV icon of its own with host Lilo Wanders — a drag queen formerly married with children who became famous only after turning female.

“Wa(h)re Liebe” has been a flagship for the web, as Germany’s only magazine show for erotic topics. However, Vox decided that “Wa(h)re Liebe” recently stressed its definition of erotic beyond borders the web would tolerate.

“It didn’t fit anymore into the feel we would like Vox to develop,” a spokeswoman of the web said. “Although he/she’s become a cult figure, Wanders took approaches that we didn’t want to have in our programming anymore.” After Vox’ decision, the show, produced by a subunit of Spiegel TV, has not been picked up by any other web.

Vox made its decision against the show’s popularity, with an average of 1 million viewers, a market share of 8% on its 11 p.m. slot. “There was quite a gap between good ratings and an increasing unwillingness of ad customers to place ads in this environment,” the spokeswoman said.

The slot will now be taken over by documentary magazine show “BBC Exklusiv,” which so far ran only irregularly on Vox. The web is increasing its intake from BBC as it registered increasing popularity of documentary programming. In fictional programming, Vox sports a high share of U.S. serial fare for young viewers, such as “CSI” and “Crossing Jordan.”