Opening Session
8:45 a.m., Ballroom K

Welcome and introduction by Rick Feldman, president-CEO of NATPE. Remarks by Ted Turner.

The Road Ahead for the Cable Industry
10:30 a.m., Ballroom I

How will the cable industry boost revenues over the next five years and how will the relationship between cable operators and programmers evolve?
Moderator: Peter Winkler, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Panelists: Rich Battista, Gemstar-TV Guide; Lisa Gersh Hall, Oxygen Media; Dennis Miller, Constellation Ventures; Ted Schaefer, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Where TV Programming Meets the Bottom Line
11:40 a.m., Ballroom I

Panelists will discuss the complicated issues producers face in programming and format decisions, and their impact on the quality of television content.
Moderator: Arnold Peter, chairman, entertainment practice, Lord, Bissell & Brook
Panelists: Stephen J. Davis, president, Granada America; Neil Dickson, partner, Lord, Bissell & Brook;
Del Mayberry, chief financial officer, Fox Networks Group; Eric Schotz, president-CEO, LMNO Prods.

Age-Nineteen Forever: Maturing Cable Nets Shoot for the Hip
Noon, Ballroom K

How will 20-year-old cable networks remain hip and increase their audience while maintaining their loyal fan base?
Moderator: Steven Borden, president, Borden Media Consulting
Panelists: Bonnie Hammer, president, USA Networks/Sci Fi Channel; Ted Harbert, president, E! Networks; Steven R. Koonin, executive VP, TBS & TNT; Debra L. Lee, president, BET; Peter Liguori, president, FX

Chat Room: Carole Black
1:15 p.m., Reef D

Q&A session with Carole Black, president of Lifetime
Hosted by Elizabeth Guider, deputy editor, Variety

Branded Entertainment: The 411 on ROI
1:30 p.m., Ballroom K

Panelists answer questions regarding the comparison and evaluation of the many advertising models invented every week.
Moderator: Scott Donaton, editor, Ad Age
Panelists: Rich Frank, chairman, the Firm; Marc Goldstein, president, Mindshare North America; Stacey Lynn Koerner, exec VP, Initiative; Tom Mazza, president, Madison Road Entertainment; Robert Reisenberg, president, Full Circle Entertainment

TV Goes Mobile!
1:30 p.m., Ballroom I

Learn how mobile services can enhance existing television programming and help maintain an audience that is wired to shows 24/7.
Produced by: Teemu Virtanen, editor in chief, Starcut: Mobile

Chat Room: Chris Sloan
2:45 p.m., Reef D

Q&A session with Chris Sloan, VP, alternative series development, CBS
Hosted by Mark Berman, senior writer, MediaWeek

Predicting the Next Big Hit
2:45 pm, Ballroom I

A look at technologies that help identify television hits.
Moderator: Mark Hoebich, CEO, TVTracker.com
Panelists: Carolyn Finger, VP, TVTracker.com; Stacey Lynn Koerner, exec VP, Initiative;
Rich Nelson, president, Trendum USA

Follow the Money! Ad Strategies in the Digital World
3 p.m., Ballroom K

Agency heavyweights explore the confluence of content and technology.
Moderator: Maria Bartiromo, host, “Special Report With Maria Bartiromo,” CNBC
Panelists: Peggy Green, president, broadcast, Zenith Media USA; Jonathan Mandel, chairman, MediaCom; Debbie Myers, VP, media services, Taco Bell; Charlie Rutman, president, Carat USA; Rino Scanzoni, chief information officer, Mediaedge: CIA

Getting on Air, Online Today
4 p.m., Ballroom I

Distribution is the biggest challenge facing independent producers. With an ITV-enabled program, you may have some powerful alternatives.
Moderator: Ben Mendelson, president, Interactive Television Alliance
Panelists: Patricia Karpas, general VP/G.M., AOL TV; Steve Lindsley, CEO, USDTV; Debby Mullin, VP, new-media advertising, Cox Cable; Jeff Weber, VP, SBC

Chat Room: Terry Wood
4:15 p.m., Reef D

Q&A session with Terry Wood, exec VP, programming, Paramount TV
Hosted by Marc Berman, senior TV writer, MediaWeek

Is Over-the-Air Over?
4:30 p.m., Ballroom K

Panelists discuss the challenges and opportunities for free over-the-air television.
Moderator: Pat O’Brien, host, “The Insider”
Panelists: David J. Barrett, president-CEO, Hearst-Argyle TV; Deb McDermott, president, Young Broadcasting; James McNamara, president, Telemundo; Patrick J. Mullen, president, Tribune Broadcasting; Dennis Swanson, exec VP, CBS/Viacom

Reshaping Your Television Career in the Evolving Digital World
5:15 p.m., Ballroom I

Headhunters and lawyers discuss the state of career opportunities for entertainment industry executives given the impact of digital technology on the media landscape.
Moderator: William. D. Simon, senior client partner, Korn/Ferry
Panelists: Arnold Peter, partner, Lord, Bissell & Brook; Fran Pomerantz, managing director, Pomerantz Group; Mark Rosenbaum, CEO, SmartJog; Peter Winkler, global marketing director, Entertainment Media Practice, Pricewaterhouse

Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Awards
6 p.m., Lagoon G & H

Honorees: Carole Black, president, Lifetime; James Burrows, director-producer; Dick Wolf, producer