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Renegade, Nu-Opp to redo mobile homes

“Blind Date” production shingle Renegade 83 is partnering with Steve Harvey’s Nu-Opp to help the WB deal with some “Mobile Home Disasters.”

A sort of blue-collar “Extreme Makeover,” each episode of “Disasters” will transform a run-of-the-mill mobile home into something more elaborate.

WB Entertainment prexy David Janollari mentioned the project at a January news conference but at the time offered few details beyond saying that “Blue Collar TV” star Bill Engvall will host. Nu-Opp’s Harvey and production partner Rushion McDonald came up with the idea for the project and then brought in Renegade.

Casting is being finalized on the first episode, with production expected to begin shortly. Renegade’s David Garfinkle said the show is “not going to make fun” of its participants.

“It’s a comedy with heart,” said Garfinkle, who’ll exec produce along with Renegade partner Jay Renfroe, Harvey and McDonald. Garfinkle said Engvall’s presence is a major boost.

“This is a blue-collar show, and he has that sensibility. He’s just a very funny guy,” he added.

Like “Extreme Makeover,” “Disasters” will use the services of a design team, but Garfinkle said each makeover “will have a curveball.”

“Maybe someone loves beer, so we’ll do a beer fountain,” Garfinkle said. “We’re going to try to design their homes with what (the participants) think is hip and cool.”

Rather than riding in via a giant bus, Engvall “will probably have a monster truck,” he added.

Renegade is in the middle of a busy development season.

In addition to working on the second season of scripted hit “The 4400,” shingle is prepping the premiere of David E. Kelley-produced skein “The Law Firm.”

Renegade also is working on six episodes of “Miracle Workers,” a co-production with DreamWorks that revolves around the idea of using medical science to transform sick people’s lives. Garfinkle declined comment on the project, which has not yet been officially announced by ABC.

Harvey hosts and exec produces “Steve Harvey’s Big Time” for the Frog. Thesp’s recent features include “Racing Stripes” and “Johnson Family Vacation.”