Tossing the pigskin

Suited up and ready for preem

HOLLYWOOD — The old and the new lined up at Thursday’s Chinese Theater preem of remake “The Longest Yard.”

New was incoming Par prexy Gail Berman, who said: “I started Monday. I saw the movie for the first time tonight. I feel like a genius. I salute the former administration.”

Old was the original pic’s producer-writer Al Ruddy, who said he made as much coin over the years from the 1974 film as he did from producing “The Godfather.”

“They run it every football season,” said Ruddy. “If you do a sports movie right, you can make a mint.”

Director Peter Segal likened the remake process to restoring a 1966 Corvette.

“You don’t want to change the body, but you give it new tires and rev up the engine — and if you put a Sandler/Rock bobblehead doll in the back it’s going to be a lot funnier.”

Preem’s Jeffrey Best-designed after-party, in a tented lot across from the Chinese, had an unusually strong industry turnout — the most so far this season. Among the crowd were Amy Pascal and Michael Lynton (Sony has international rights); Par’s Gerry Rich; producer Jack Giarraputo; screenwriter Sheldon Turner; plus guests Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, Russell Crowe, JC Spink, Sean Daniel and Cedric the Entertainer.