Alice in Glamourland
The Netherlands
Production: Nijenhuis & De Levita
Sales: Contact Holland Film
Director: Pieter Kramer
Key cast: Linda de Mol, Joan Collins
Cannes: Market
Joan Collins plays the teacher of a course titled How to Marry a Millionaire in this romantic comedy about a gold-digging woman (Linda de Mol).

Bunker Paradise
Production: Artemis Prods.
Sales: Europacorp (promo reel only)
Director: Stefan Liberski
Key cast: Francois Vincentelli, Jean-Paul Rouve, Audrey Marnay
Cannes: Market
Fouad, a hard-up chauffeur who dreams of the high life, falls victim to a perverse game played by a wealthy man and his band of decadent pals.

Bye-Bye Blackbird
Production: Samsa, Ipso Facto
Sales: MovieHouse Entertainment
Director: Robinson Savary
Key cast: James Thierree, Izabella
Miko, Derek Jacobi, Jodhi May
Cannes: Market
To make his dreams come true, a man masters the trapeze. But when he finally experiences the freedom of flight, it is no longer possible for him to live on the ground.

The Child
Production: Les Films du Fleuve
Sales: Celluloid Dreams
Directors: Luc and Jean Dardenne
Key cast: Jeremie Renier
Cannes: In Competition
Bruno is 20, Sonia is 18. They live off Sonia’s benefits and a theft committed by Bruno and his gang. Sonia has just given birth to Jimmy, their child. How will Bruno cope with fatherhood?

The Netherlands
Production: Circe Films
Sales: Contact Holland Film
Director: Nanouk Leopold
Key cast: Maria Kraakman, Fedja van Huet, Johanna ter Steege
Cannes: Directors Fortnight
After the suicide of a colleague, a woman takes stock of her life.

The Intruder
Production/sales: Skyline Ent.
Director: Frank Van Mechelen
Key cast: Koen De Bouw, Filip Peeters
Cannes: Market
A doctor searching for his missing daughter comes across a 16-year-old runaway. Convinced she knows something about his daughter’s disappearance, he follows her to a remote village in the Belgian Ardennes.

Off Screen
Production: Rinkel Film Prods.
Sales: Contact Holland Film
Director: Pieter Kuijpers
Key cast: Jan de Cler, Jeroen Krabbe
Cannes: Market
On March 11, 2002, John R. took 18 people hostage in Rembrandt’s Tower in Amsterdam in a protest against the Philips Corp. The police and government reacted quickly to the event and John R. was alleged to have taken his life, though his body was found with at least two bullets lodged in the brain.

Too Fat Too Furious
Production: Fu Works, Motel Films
Sales: Contact Holland Film
Director: Tim Oliehoek
Key cast: Jack Wouterse
Cannes: Market
Remake of Danish pic ‘Old Men in New Cars.’ Bennie, a snack bar owner, gets out of jail only to find that his foster father is dying. Bennie and two others go on the hunt for cash to pay for an illegal donor liver, but they lose their money in an ill-fated bank robbery and hatch a riskier plan.

The Wedding Party
Production: MMG
Sales: EOS
Director: Dominique Deruddere
Key cast: Armin Rohde, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Arne Lenk
Cannes: Market
A wedding party in a high-class country restaurant erupts into violence after the thuggish father of the groom argues with establishment’s quick-tempered owner.