NEW YORK — What do Broadway’s actors do when they get a night off from the theater? On Sunday, they went to the opening of the David Mamet revival “Glengarry Glen Ross,” starring Alan Alda and Liev Schreiber.

The first nighters included such currently employed thesps as Billy Crudup and Jeff Goldberg (“The Pillowman”), Brian F. O’Byrne and Cherry Jones (“Doubt”), and Christine Ebersole (“Steel Magnolias”). Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick took time off from filming “The Producers” to attend.

After the perf at the Plymouth, it was only a blessed block away for an old-time Broadway party at Sardi’s. Best anecdote came from Schreiber, who remarked on playing cutthroat real estate agent Richard Roma.

“My mom came backstage after one preview. David Mamet was there. And my mom said, ‘What a vehicle!’ It cracked up Mamet. But she was partially right. It is a great role.”