Spirit of Kurt rules

Pitt performs at 'Days' party with band Pagoda

The live tunes at a preem party for Gus Van Sant‘s competish pic “Last Days” proved a welcome respite from the sadly ubiquitous soundtrack of pulsing Euro-techno that permeates Cannes this time of year.

“Days”‘ star Michael Pitt — who plays a Kurt Cobain-like rocker spiraling out of control in the pic — stayed in character long enough to churn out some songs at the New Age-y 3.14 Le Baron Hotel with his own band Pagoda.

Pitt’s dead-on and desperate Cobain-like wail, and his spartan backing band’s martial take on grunge-infused punk rock, had many of the Gallic partiers alternately holding their ears or doing dippy dances to mock the fete’s (oh-so-satisfyingly) slacker air.

Most of the guest list, however, was contentedly packed at the front of the stage, while the helmer and execs from the newly launched HBO/New Line distrib banner, Picturehouse, chose to work the lobby instead.

Out back, an oasis of (relative) quiet on the terrace was available, until a bar tender inadvertently sprayed champagne on the crowd and elicited some shrieks of excitement.

But any party where the staff has to tell its guests that the house has “run out of glasses” is a hot ticket, and “Days” indeed offered an alternative to the bland beach club soiree scene.