Scientists, stars go ‘Deep’

Stars show up to glimpse at 'Aliens'

HOLLYWOOD — Scientists and showbizzers unitedat Universal CityWalk for the preem of James Cameron‘s Imax/3-D NASA-goes-deep-sea-diving docu “Aliens of the Deep,” which Cameron co-directed with Steven Quale.

Stan Winston, Bill Paxton and Teri Hatcher joined in for (what else?) sushi and shrimp at the after-party, along with docu’s comely marine animal physiologist Dijanna Figueroa.

Paxton saluted Cameron’s enthusiasm for all his work. “In ‘The Aviator,’ Leo wasn’t channeling Marty (Scorsese),” said Paxton. “He was channeling Jim.”

When that was relayed to him, Cameron told Daily Variety, “I related to that movie.”

Cameron spent 2½ years on this doc, his second in a row. “It took a while to learn to be proficient as a documentary filmmaker,” he said. “When I go back to making a film that’s got a script, it’s going to seem like a vacation.”