Sci Fi draws circle around ‘Triangle’

Helmer, cast not yet set for December preem

Sci Fi Channel has greenlit “The Triangle,” a long-gestating miniseries from exec producers Dean Devlin and Bryan Singer and scribe Rockne O’Bannon.

A December premiere date has been locked for the program, though no director or cast has been set. Story explores the myth of the Bermuda Triangle.

Sci Fi execs pacted with Devlin and Singer to begin developing the project in May 2003, on the heels of ratings highs for Steven Spielberg’s event series “Taken.” Devlin’s Electric Entertainment will produce the project.

O’Bannon (“Farscape,” “SeaQuest DSV”) is polishing the draft, with “The Triangle” now planned as a six-hour, three-part event. Singer was mum on the plot’s details, but described the piece as a contemporary tale involving scientists and investigators from different fields who come together to figure out the truth behind the Bermuda Triangle.

“Our story takes off at a point when there has been a gradual increase in phenomena surrounding the Triangle. As this group begins to unravel the mystery of the area, they’ll encounter significant danger,” Singer said. “It’s very eerie and interesting — perfect for Sci Fi Channel.”

“Triangle” is one of several minis at Sci Fi, which is still developing projects with Hollywood heavyweights including Spielberg, Michael De Luca, Ridley Scott, Frank Darabont, Martin Scorsese and Gale Anne Hurd.

Devlin produced the features “Cellular,” “Independence Day” and “Godzilla,” and co-wrote the 1994 “Stargate” feature. Singer will next direct “Superman Returns.” He exec produces the Fox hospital drama “House” and helmed both “X-Men” films.

O’Bannon’s credits include writing the scripts for ABC’s “Peter Benchley’s Creature” and NBC’s “Robin Cook’s Invasion.”