BERLIN — Josef Andorfer, RTL 2’s fiercely independent topper, looks to be on the way out.

TV exec must face RTL 2 shareholders RTL Group and Herbert Kloiber’s Tele Munchen Group at a meeting Tuesday and explain why the web missed its $98 million revenue target and dropped market share from 8.3% in the summer to 6.7% in January.

However, Andorfer managed to increase RTL 2’s revenue by more than 4% to $87 million last year.

Kloiber has complained about RTL 2’s focus on reality programming, especially “Big Brother,” which despite attracting auds, has not gone down well with advertisers.

It also has meant that RTL 2 has not bought films and TV series from local licensers, such as Kloiber.

Andorfer also has stepped on RTL’s toes. Despite the name, RTL 2 is not a sister web of Germany’s RTL Television, but rather a distant cousin.

Andorfer has a large amount of leeway, but he has raised eyebrows at the powerful RTL Group by running competitive programming against leading German web RTL Television. He also pulled RTL 2 out of the RTL-owned sales agency IP Deutschland and launched its own ad company, El Cartel Media.

Andorfer is the local industry’s only truly independent TV exec. Known for taking risks, Andorfer introduced German auds to Japanese anime, Latin American telenovelas and Bollywood films in primetime.