Rep steps over to ICM

Lipstone new senior veep for tenpercentery

Greg Lipstone has joined ICM as senior VP, one month after he ankled his post as head of network TV for William Morris.

Lipstone will work as an agent in ICM’s packaging department, bringing with him clients such as Granada America, 12 Yard Prods., Eric Schotz’s LMNO Prods. and producer Bob Bain. He’ll report to ICM worldwide head of TV Bob Levinson.

Showbizzers had speculated for weeks that Lipstone would land at ICM, even while the tenpercenter was still at WMA. He settled out of his WMA contract on April 28 and will officially start at ICM Monday.

Levinson said his opinion of Lipstone was cemented when the two began working together on a shared client, Granada, following a round of mergers.

“The two of us were able to work together as opposed to coming to blows over which agency is more important,” Levinson said. “I made it one of my goals to try to bring that kind of experience and professionalism (into) ICM.”

Lipstone said he decided to sign on with ICM because he was “very impressed with the management and their philosophy,” citing ICM’s “point of view on the business” and how Levinson, Nancy Josephson and ICM alternative topper Steve Wohl are “respected within the agency community.”

“I see myself having a very long career there,” Lipstone added.

Lipstone is expected to work closely with Wohl, and Levinson said the combination of client lists can only boost ICM’s position in the unscripted world.

Wohl said the two men’s businesses will “complement one another” to the benefit of ICM’s newly expanded client list.

During his two decades at WMA, Lipstone was involved in packaging “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” “Queer as Folk,” “Hell’s Kitchen,” “Nanny 911” and “The Office.”

Other clients expected to move with Lipstone to ICM include Andrew Solt and Sofa Entertainment, scribe Keith Ablow and Scott Jeffress.

Lipstone is the second veteran WMA agent to head to ICM this year. Steve Glick — who headed WMA’s TV helmer department — left for ICM in January.