James Dickinson will depart his post as Miramax’s director of international publicity to run the new London office of PMK/HBH.

Beginning Oct. 3, Dickinson will establish an office to spearhead international publicity for PMK/HBH and its parent Momentum Worldwide.

Dickinson will report to PMK/HBH chief exec Pat Kingsley and Momentum U.K. CEO John Armstrong, who committed last month to establish the London outpost (Daily Variety, Sept. 1). Move came from a desire to have dedicated manpower to launch global campaigns for films.

“As the international box office has expanded, it has become increasingly important for PMK/HBH to have a physical presence on the European scene to support our clients and their films,” Kingsley said. “We are extremely fortunate in having James Dickinson, a six-year veteran of Miramax publicity in the U.K., head up our office.”

Over those six years, Dickinson handled international publicity for Dimension and Miramax films that included “The Aviator,” the “Spy Kids” films, “Cold Mountain,” “Hero,” “Chocolat,” “Scream 3” and “Scary Movie.”

Pre-Miramax, Dickinson worked in London at the PR agency Corbett & Keene, cutting his teeth on campaigns for such films as “Shakespeare in Love” and “Central Station.”