The Netherlands
Production company: IdtV
Sales: Highpoint
Directors: Willem Van de Sande Bakhuyzen, Jean van de Velde
Key cast: Monic Hendrickx, Peter Blok, Anne-wil Blankers, Petra Laseur
Scripter Maria Goos’ tale of a woman who, in pursuit of her career as a writer, must clean up the mess she has made of her private life.

Comme Tout le Monde
Production companies: Entre Chien et Loup, Samsa Film
Director: Pierre-Paul Renders
Key cast: Thierry Lhermitte, Chantal Lauby, Khalid Maddour, Caroline Dhavernas
French-style “Truman Show” exploring the world of telemarketing.

Gene Astaire
Production companies: Artemis Prods., Samsa Film
Director: Alain Berliner
Key cast: Cecile de France, Vincent Elbaz, Jean-Pierre Cassel
Musical tragicomedy about three generations of men who, without knowing their fathers, follow in their footsteps.

Grizzly Bus
The Netherlands
Production company: Bos Bros.
Director: Pieter Kuijpers
Key cast: Angela Schijf, Willem Nijholt
Acclaimed helmer of “Godforsaken” takes on this kidpic that is expected to bow at year’s end at holiday time.

Island Guests
The Netherlands
Production company: IdtV Film
Director: Karim Traidia
Key cast: Tygo Gernandt, Eva Duijvestein, Jaap Spijkers and Johnny de Mol
Film is based on the book of the same title about the comings and goings of vacationers in one of Holland’s many vacation parks.

The K File
Production company: MMG
Director: Erik Van Looy
Key cast: Koen De Bouw, Werner de Smedt
Pic is a sequel to Flemish hit “The Alzheimer Case,” featuring Antwerp-based detective duo Vincke and Verstuyft.

Mr. Average
Production company: Entre Chien et Loup, Samsa, Les Productions Lazennec, Fortissimo Films
Sales: Fortissimo Films
Director: Pierre Paul Renders
Key cast: Khalid Maadour, Caroline Dhavernas, Chantal Lauby, Gilbert Melky, Thierry Lhermitte
Satirical romantic comedy about a man so average that a marketing company secretly seeks to exploit him by putting cameras into his apartment. They also hire a beautiful actress for him to fall in love with.

Schnitzel Paradise
The Netherlands
Production company: Lemming Film
Director: Martin Koolhoven
Key cast: Mounir Valentyn, Bracha van Doesburgh, Mimoun Oaissa, Tygo Gernandt
A romance between a Dutch Moroccan man and Dutch woman is complicated by the mutual disapproval of their parents.

Snow White the Sequel
Production company: YC Alligator Film
Sales: Celluloid Dreams
Directors: Picha and Tony Hendra
The sequel Hollywood never dared make. Did Snow White and Prince Charming really live happily ever after?

Someone Else’s Happiness
Production company: Prime Time
Director: Fien Troch
Key cast: Ina Geerts, Johan Leysen, Natali Broods, Josse De Pauw, Jan Decleir
Quirky whodunit about a village that is ripped apart after the body of a local child is discovered in a nearby river.