The following Peruvian pics are showing as part of Cannes Tous les cinemas du monde on May 18

BAJO LA PIEL(Under the Skin) (1996) Headless murder victims found in a northern Peruvian hamlet seem to have been killed according to rituals of the ancient Moche tribe. Renowned archeologist Professor Pinto is a suspect. Francisco Lombardi (dir.); Augusto Cabada (scr.); Jose Luis Ruiz, Ana Risueno, Diego Bertie, Gianfranco Brero, Jorge Rodríguez Paz (thesps).

EL DESTINO NO TIENE FAVORITOS (Destiny has no favorites) (2003) A well-heeled housewife finds herself entangled in a real-life soap when her husband leaves for a business trip but not before renting out their garden to a telenovela production. Alvaro Velarde (dir.); Alvaro Velarde (scr.); Monica Steuer, Celine Aguirre, Víctor Angeles, Tatiana Astengo, Angie Cepeda, Paul Vega, Rebecca Raez (thesps).

DIAS DE SANTIAGO (Days of Santiago) (2004) Docu about an ex-marine returns to Lima to remake his life. Josue Mendez (dir.); Josue Mendez (scr.); Pietro Sibille, Milagros Vidal,Marisela Puicon, Ricardo Meija, Lilly Urbina, Erick Garcia (thesps).

EL PARDO CAUDILLO (The Brown Shirt Commander) (2004) Docu examines “eugenics,” the pseudo science which looks for the “good racial blend” solution to Peru’s multi-ethnicity, as practiced by an old Polish Jew who happens to be a Nazi. Aldo Salvini (dir.); Aldo Salvini (scr.).