Nouveau rat pack

'Lemming' opens fest with celeb-heavy crowd

Gathered en masse like the critters in the movie they were about to see, celebs and international film folk thronged the red carpet for Cannes Film Festival opener “Lemming” Wednesday.

In a nod to the rodentthemed pic, some, like French film star Catherine Deneuve, even brought their own furry pelts.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, one of the film’s stars, along with Charlotte Rampling, chose instead to make a fashion statement with feathers.

Fest toppers Thierry Fremaux, Gilles Jacob and Veronique Cayla occupied their usual nesting spot on top of the Palais des Festivals steps, ready to greet guests.

Inside the fest’s 2,400 seater Lumiere Theater, a Cirque du Soleil acrobat had attendees gazing skyward as she wrapped her body artfully around a red cord.

Then came the main event. Dominik Moll‘s “Lemming,” a hybrid comic thriller whose dark action is triggered by a mystery mammal found in a blocked drain, raised guffaws and gasps in equal measure, although some detractors felt the convoluted plot at times chased its own tail.

At a lavish dinner afterward, guests gnawed on lobster and other delicacies before migrating across to a late night party at the Majestic Hotel.