NEW YORK — Monday night didn’t offer up the habitual Broadway opening-night crowd.

During intermission for “Steel Magnolias,” Kyan Douglas of “Queer Eye” fame was chatting up former New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey, who came with politico David Mixner, the guest of director Jason Moore.

Nor was it quite the usual curtain call. Robert Harling took to the stage to introduce his nephew, Robert Robinson, the inspiration for the 1989 beauty-shop dramedy about the playwright’s late sister. “My mission was to tell one story to one person — my nephew,” Harling said. “I think the play tonight has given him a pretty good idea of how wonderful his mother was; mission accomplished.”

Nor was it the usual press-line chit-chat at Tavern on the Green. “Rebecca Gayheart has great hair. You can’t mess it up,” Delta Burke said of her hairdressing skills.

Frances Sternhagen said her major laughs begin “when my hair is cut. I haven’t had short hair since ‘Thieves Carnival.’ I had to go to Helena Rubinstein to become a bleach blonde.”