Paramount Domestic TV
Web site: www.paramountpictures.com
Office: 451
Attending: Joel Berman, president, worldwide TV distribution; John Nogawski, president; Greg Meidel, president programming
“One On One”

Paramount Intl. TV
Web site: www.paramount.com
Office: 457
Attending: Armando Nunez, president; Joe Lucas, exec VP sales & marketing; Barry Chamberlain, senior VP sales
“Medium,” drama. A mother of three uses her ability to talk to dead people, see the future and read minds to solve crimes. 13 x 60 mins.
“Numb3ers,” drama. An FBI agent recruits his mathematical genius brother to help solve a wide range of challenging crimes in Los Angeles. 13 x 60 mins.
“Blind Justice,” drama. A New York detective blinded in a shootout takes on cases with the help of his guide dog. 13 x 60 mins.

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Email: sales@parkentertainment.com
Web site: www.parkentertainment.com
Office: 1267; (310) 869-1225
Attending: Jim Howell, CEO; Patricia Kershaw, TV sales director.
“Charlie Jade,” Sci-Fi; A spectacular live- action detective series. 20 x 60 min.
“Alienated,” Comedy; Abducted, Dissected, Perverted. A sci-fi series whacky enough to become a cult series. 22 x 30 min.
“This is Wonderland,” Comedy; A newly qualified lawyer is thrown into the chaotic criminal courts as a public defender. 26 x 60 min.

Planet Pictures
Email: info@planetpictures.com
Web site: www.planetpictures.com
Office: 1344; (818) 642-0918
Attending: Jenny Hayden, managing director; Peter Torvik, legal affairs; Joanna Bankowski, marketing.
“Auction Adventure,” Docu; Michael Eldridge discovers all the ins and outs of buying at auction. 13 x 30 min.
“Raiders of the Unknown,” Docu; Explores unexplained phenomena with a fresh, hip approach and cinematic style. 13 x 60 min.
“Ultimate Combat Experience,” Sports; Combines kick boxing and no-hold-barred fighting. 52 x 30 min.

Email: distribution@porchlight.com
Web site: www.porchlight.com
Office: 445
Attending: Stephanie Slack, senior VP. worldwide sales; Adam D. Wright, senior VP, worldwide sales; Fred Schaefer, senior VP, animation.
“Personal Effects,” Drama; Attorney Bonnie Locke tries to solve her younger brother’s disappearance and possible murder. 92 min.
“The Blue Butterfly,” Drama; The tale of a terminally ill 10-year-old boy’s last wish to capture the most beautiful butterfly on Earth. 90 min.
“Deadly Visions,” Thriller; Are surgical implants the underlying cause of Ann Culver’s nightmares? 92 min.

Email: sales@promarkgroup.com
Office: 1134
Attending: Jonathan Kramer, president.
“Dead Rail,” Action; A meteorite hits a luxury train and the impact releases unknown assailants. 1 x 90 min.
“Heat Stroke,” Action; Secret government investigators discover a plot by invaders from another universe to take over our planet. 1 x 90 min.
“Ghost Monkey,” Action; An unlikely pair must unlock the secret behind the “monkey man” and prove the identity of this serial killer. 1 x 90.