NBC Universal Domestic TV
Office: 631
Attending: Frederick Huntsberry, exec VP; Barry Wallach, president; Sean O’Boyle, senior VP, national syndication sales manager.
“Untitled Martha Stewart,” Lifestyle; Features Martha Stewart’s signature style of entertaining, decorating, cooking and more. 60 min.
“Access Hollywood,” Provides viewers with the latest showbiz news and in-depth celebrity interviews. 30 min.
“Starting Over,” Reality; Follows a group of diverse women as they attempt to make extraordinary changes in their lives. 60 min.

NBC Universal Intl. TV
Office: 631
Attending: Rick Finkelstein, president-COO, Universal Pictures; Frederick Huntsberry, exec VP & CFO, NBC Universal TV Group; Belinda Menendez, president.
“Law & Order: Trial by Jury,” Drama; Ripped-from-the-headlines stories will be entirely court based, beginning with criminal arraignments. 13 x 60 min.
“The Office: An American Workplace,” Comedy; Lays bare the lives of a handful of witty, young and middle-aged adults who toil in a paper supply company. 6 x 30 min.
“Queer Eye for the Straight Girl,” Series; A spin-off series that turns a tasteful eye toward the ladies. 13 x 60 min.

NBC Universal Intl. TV
Email: kristen@newdominion.com
Web site: www.newdominion.com
Office: the hotel, 6th floor
Attending: Tom Naughton, exec president-CEO; Nicolas Valcour, exec VP & COO; Kristen Eppley, head of intl. sales & distribution.
“Skeleton Crew,” Docu; Anthropological forensic science takes a fresh look at unique archaeological finds. 4 x 60 min.
“IndyCar Racer,” Reality; Puts audiences behind the wheel, in the pit and under the hood of a fire-breathing machine. 3 x 60 min.
“Psychic Investigators,” Docu; Desperation drives investigators to pursue one last option: professional psychics. 13 x 60 min.

New Line
Email: robin.seidner@newline.com
Web site: www.newline.com
Office: the hotel, 3rd loor
Attending: Jim Rosenthal, president; David Spiegelman, senior exec VP, domestic TV distribution & marketing; Vicky Gregorian, senior VP, national sales manager.
“The Twilight Zone,” Sci-Fi; A fast-paced anthology series inspired by the Rod Serling classic and featuring today’s brightest stars. 22 x 60 min.
“New Line 11,” 21 movie packages
“Gold,” 16 movie packages

Nu Image / Millennium
Email: sales@nuimage.net
Office: 1331; (702) 322-4270; fax (702) 322-4271
Attending: Danny Dimbort, co-chairman; Dave Sobieraj, president domestic sales; Carole Delossantos, executive VP intl. sales.
“Wicker Man,” drama. A detective travels to a mysterious island ruled by women to save his lost daughter from a ritualistic murder.
“Lonely Hearts,” drama. A cop is obsessed with catching a murderous couple in the seedy world of 1940’s Florida.
The Black Dahlia,” drama. Two cops investigate the death of a murdered woman and uncover corruption and conspiracy within the police department.