M. & L. Banks
Email: Lebanks@aol.com
Office: 1637
Attending: Mitchell Banks, president.
“Once a Wall,” Docu; History of the Beijing Wall.
“Henri Cartier Bresson: The Impassioned Eye,” Docu
“Finding Eleazar – Opera,” Docu; Revival of La Juive

M6 Droits
Email: infom6da@m6.fr
Web site: www.m6da.com
Office: 428
Attending: Laetitia de la Graviere, deputy manager.
“Jeff and Leo: Cops and Twin Brothers,” Series; An old police chief who has to remain at home has his twin brother fill in for him. 6 x 52 min.
“In Her Place,” Alex’s wife walks out on him and leaves him with wounded pride and the idea that he will never understand women. 1 x 90 min.
“Titanic Beyond the Malediction,” Docu; Full of astonishing revelation, conducted as a criminal investigation. 1 x 52 min.

Email: info@mainlinereleasing.com
Web site: www.mainlinereleasing.com, www.lightning-ent.com
Office: 1439
Attending: Marc Greenberg, president; Tannaz Anisi, VP, intl. sales.
“Ozzie,” Family; A cute, cuddly Koala talks. 1 x 90 min.
“The Hard Easy,” Thriller; Two groups of thieves plan the same jewel heist. 1 x 90 min.
“Knots,” Comedy; A devilishly fun movie laden with broken hearts, casual sex and a fling with experimental lesbianism. 1 x 90 min.

Popular on Variety

Media Blasters
Email: awishnow@media-blasters.com
Web site: www.media-blasters.com
Office: 1546
Attending: John Sirabella, president-CEO; Yoko Hayama, VP, U.S. & intl. sales; Aviva Wishnow, U.S. & intl. sales exec.
“Flesh for the Beast,” Horror; Parapsychologists investigating an old manor are besieged by demons, a madman and zombies. 1 x 90 min.
“Shadow,” Action; Inmates in a women’s prison must unite to fight a horde of zombies. 1 x 90 min.
“Death Trance,” Action; An invincible samurai seeks to break a spell of endless battle when he encounters the goddess of destruction. 1 x 90 min.

Men & Motors
Email: sales@menandmotors.net
Web site: www.menandmotors.net
Office: 1134
Attending: James Marrinan; Dorothy Crompton; Jonathan Kramer.
“100 Most Popular Cars … Ever,” A contest in the U.K. asks the public to choose its favorite car. 5 x 60 min.
“Sold in 60 Seconds,” An expert advises average buyers at a second-hand car auction. 13 x 30 min.
“Bike Cops U.K.,” Go on patrol with the Avon and Somerset bike cops and follow five new recruits as they train to join the squad. 12 x 30 min.

Email: ckaspers@mgm.com
Web site: www.mgm.com
Office: 1115
Attending: Hank Cohen, president, TV entertainment; Simon Sutton, exec VP, intl. TV; Jim Packer, exec VP, TV distribution, North America.
“Stargate Atlantis,” Sci-Fi; A team of scientists and military personnel discovers a whole new network of stargates. 40 x 60 min.
“Committed,” Comedy; A bizarre whirlwind courtship of two opposites who attract each other despite outrageous circumstances. 13 x 30 min.
“Be Cool,” Chili Palmer’s new idea for a movie leads him to the music business.

Email: general@minotaur.co.uk
Web site: www.minotaur.tv
Office: 1357
Attending: Dayna Donaldson, senior sales exec; Vanessa Jordan, sales exec.
“Corner Gas,” Comedy; Focuses on the life (or lack thereof) of gas station owner Brent LeRoy and the folks who populate the area. 31 x 30 min.
“Extreme Health Farm,” Docu; Groups of celebrities fly to remote and exotic corners of the globe to try out four of the most unusual life courses. 5 x 60 min.
“The Clinic,” Drama; A group of dedicated medical professionals work in a busy city health clinic. 16 x 60 min.

Email: ahall@mtgla.com
Office: 1337
Attending: Allyson Hall, VP, intl. sales; Gene Lavelle, VP, syndication sales.
“Three Faces of Terror,” Horror; An evil professor hypnotizes three young train passengers who each embark on individual journeys of terror. 90 min.
“Everyone Is Kung Fu Fighting,” Action; A compilation of martial arts shots. 81 min.
“Eminem AKA,” Docu; The controversial American rap and movie star. 60 min.

Email: art@mfilms.com
Web site: www.mfilms.com
Office: 1637
Attending: Arthur Skopinsky, president; Dean Willey, producer.
“The Private World of Jodie Moore,” Reality; Focuses on the behind-the-scenes drama of her life featuring her fans, friends and lover/manager Craig Fisher. 13 x 22 min.
“The Road Trip Girls,” Reality; A travelogue of Australia and New Zealand. 8 x 22 min.
“America Rebuilds: Foundations of Freedom,” Current Affairs; Looks at the reconstruction at and near ground zero. 1 x 56 min.

Email: distribution@moonscoop.com
Web site: www.moonscoop.com
Office: 428
“Code Lyoko,” Animation; Four kids are on a mission to save the planet by traveling in a virtual world called Lyoko. 52 x 30 min.
“Little Vampire,” Animation; Mischief is created when a cast of likable monsters enters the world of a regular little boy. 52 x 13 min.
“Funky Cops,” Animation; Two cops well known for their incompetence turn into top disco dancers at night. 39 x 30 min.

Email: etchie@moonstonefilms.com
Office: 1337; (702) 322-4270
Attending: Ernst Stroh, CEO; Yael Stroh, president.
“Bullfighter,” Thriller; A young adventurer finds himself protecting his pregnant ex-girlfriend on Christmas Eve. 1 x 90 min.
“The Collectors,” Action; Two ruthless hitmen are sent to New York to “collect” on some outstanding accounts. 1 x 90 min.
“The Toolbox Murders,” Horror; A ruthless madman uses drills, saws and claw hammers to murder his victims. 1 x 95 min.

MTV Networks
Email: mtvnint@mtvn.com
Web site: www.b2b.mtvni.com
Office: the hotel, 4th floor
Attending: Debbie Back, senior VP, intl; Nicolas Bonard, VP, intl.; Adeline Delgado, VP, sales.
“Chappelle’s Show,” Comedy; Dave Chappelle takes his street-smart comedy to a whole new level in this provocative sketch comedy series. 30 x 30 mins.
“Danny Phantom,” Animated; By day, Danny is just your ordinary, everyday teenager, but when night falls he turns into a superhero battling supernatural forces and evil ghosts 20 x 30 mins..
“Drawn Together,” Animation; Eight mismatched cartoon characters share a house for a reality TV show. 8 x 30 mins.