Harmony Gold
Web site: www.harmonygold.com
Office: 607
Attending: Frank Agrama, chairman & CEO; Colleen Morris, president; Melissa Wohl, VP, sales & acquisitions.
“Noise,” Thriller; A woman’s problems escalate when she confronts her mysterious upstairs neighbor. 1 x 82 min.
“Ghosts Never Sleep,” Drama; A struggling writer haunted by a troubled past is pushed to the breaking point with fatal consequences. 1 x 82 min.
“Siblings,” Dark Comedy; A mixed-up mess of half-sisters and stepbrothers have to figure out how to dispose of the bodies of their evil stepparents. 1 x 85 min.

Web site: www.hbo.com
Office: the hotel, 60th floor

Email: andreak@heretv.com
Web site: heretv.com
Office: 1530
Attending: Gene George, president, intl. sales; Meggan Kimberley, senior VP, intl. sales.
“Naked Fame,” Docu; Capturing the struggles involved in the pursuit of stardom against the stigma of a porn star past. 84 min.
“Dante’s Cove,” Horror; The sexy young residents of a peaceful beachside town are plunged into a world of intrigue. 9 x 30 min.
“Straight Jacket,” Comedy; In 1950s Hollywood, movie star Guy Stone must marry a studio secretary in order to conceal his homosexuality. 95 min.

Hollywood Wizard
Email: sales@hollywoodwizard.com
Web site: www.hollywoodwizard.com
Office: 1337; (818) 512-4789
Attending: Tony Kandah, president.
“The Hillz,” Drama; A promising college athlete takes a turn for the worse when he hooks up with old high school friends. 1 x 93 min.
“Starforce,” Sci-Fi; A warrior and a beautiful ex-convict are to fight the galaxy’s most fearsome commandos in an alien wasteland. 1 x 91 min.
“Redemption,” A middle-class African-American actor struggles with Hollywood’s temptations and his integrity. 1 x 106 min.