Email: worldwide@eentertainment.com
Web site: www.international.eentertainment.com
Office: the hotel, Suite 8901
Attending: Ted Harbert, president-CEO; Ken Bettsteller, COO; Kevin MacLellan, senior VP, intl.
“Sweat,” Sports; Promotes the competitive world of sports videogames. 25 x 30 min.
“Screen Savers,” Technology; An interactive show geared toward the tech enthusiast. 100 x 60 min.
“X-Play,” Technology; Covering the games, the gamers and the gear that fuels videogaming mania. 100 x 30 min.

Office: 451
Attending: Paul Jackson, CEO; Stephen Davis, president; Curt Northrup, sr. VP, nonscripted.
“12 Days of Christmas,” Drama; A hard- driving tycoon finds out that closing a deal while neglecting his family is not the perfect Christmas Eve. 1 x 90 mins.
“Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple,” Drama; Agatha Christie’s shrewd and inquisitive Miss Jane Marple solves brand -new murder mysteries 4 x 95 mins.
“Barking,” Children; Centered on the friendship, fun and adventures of an 11-year-old girl and her extraordinary talking dog. 13 x 30 mins.

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Web site: www.grbtv.com
Office: the hotel, 7th floor; (702) 632-7777
Attending: Gavin Reardon, senior VP, intl. distribution; Marielle Zuccarelli, VP, intl. distribution; Gary MacKinney, director, intl. distribution.
“Invasion Iowa,” Reality; A Hollywood entourage invades a small Iowa town to make a TV series polking fun at Hollywood moviemaking. 8 x 60 min.
“Bet Your Life,” Action; A compulsive gambler agrees to take the ultimate gamble and bets his life, he doesn’t realize the odds are not in his favor. 1 x 90 min.
“Next Action Star,” Reality; A search for America’s next male and female action stars. 10 x 60 min.