Email: info@firecorp.co.uk
Web site: www.fireworksentertainment.com
Office: the hotel, 6th floor;
(702) 632-7777
Attending: Greg Phillips, president; Saralo MacGregor, VP, sales; Clare Weatherill, VP, marketing & communications.
“Falcon Beach,” The story of a group of young people summering on beautiful Lake Winnipeg. 1 x 120 min.
“Last Chance for Romance,” Reality; Meet a couple at a crossroads, looking for one last chance to save their relationship. 13 x 30 min.
“The Collector,” Drama; A man who’s been alive since 1322 sells his soul to the devil to save the woman he loved. 27 x 60 min.

First Look
Email: info@firstlookmedia.com
Web site: www.firstlookmedia.com
Office: 421
Attending: Dina Vangelisti, senior VP, TV sales; J.D. Beaufils, director, worldwide sales & library licensing; Susan Hewitt, consultant, European TV sales.
“When Will I Be Loved,” Drama; A beautiful young woman explores the limits of her sexuality
“Stateside,” Drama; An outlaw rich kid reluctantly lands in the Marine Corps under a tough drill instructor.
“Easter Egg Escapade,” Animation; An unlikely group of Egg Town’s residents must band together to retrieve Egg Town’s Easter Eggs.

Email: info@fortissimo.nl
Web site: www.fortissimofilms.com
Office: 1431
Attending: Esther Bannenberg, senior VP, intl. sales.
“16 Years of Alcohol,” Drama; A tale told through three different periods of a young man’s extraordinary life. 102 min.
“A Thousand Months,” Drama; Amina and her son move in with her father-in-law. 124 min.
“Bear’s Kiss,” Drama; She was 14 and a child of the circus and he was a shape-shifter, who could move between two worlds. 92 min.

Attending: Alfred Kahn, chairman-CEO; Brian Lacey, exec VP, intl.; Thomas Kenney, exec VP.
“Pokemon,” Animated; Encourages friendship and teamwork in the face of overwhelming odds. 416 x 30 min.
“The Pokemon Chronicles,” Animated; Package includes a TV movie special and Christmas holiday specials. 22 x 30 min.
“Yu-Gi-Oh!,” Animated; Yugi finally uncovers the secrets of his ancient past. 236 x 30 min.

France TV
Web site: www.francetv.com
Office: 428
Attending: Herve Michel, senior VP, intl. sales; Nathalie Bobineau, VP, intl. sales
“Jervis’ Ark (A Marine Refuge),” Docu; A variety of marine species, each with their own personality. 52 min.
“The Mysterious Lake,” A story about mysterious circumstances of a young girl drowning. 4 x 90 min.
“Gift,” Animation; Set in the world of the Internet and videogames, the characters can see our so-called real world through screens and cameras. 26 x 13 min.

Fremantle Corp.
Email: barbara@fremantlecorp.com
Web site: www.fremantlecorp.com
Office: 1606
Attending: Blanca Oca Pertierra, VP.
“Ride With Funkmaster Flex,” A look at what showbiz elites drive. 19 x 30 min.
“Therese,” The true story of Saint Therese of Lisieux, the most popular saint of modern times. 1 x 110 min.
“David Sheehan’s Hollywood Icons,” A unique look at the minds and hearts of Robert Redford, Barbra Streisand, Paul Newman and Marlon Brando. 1 x 60 min.

Email: formats@fremantlemedia.com, fidsales@fremantlemedia.com
Web site: www.fremantlemedia.com, www.fidtv.com
Office: the hotel, 6th floor; (702) 632-7777
Attending: Carlos Gonzalez, managing director; Doug Gluck, CEO; Sheila Aguirre, VP, sales & development; Lisa Honig, VP, program distribution.
“Idols,” Entertainment; The greatest ever search for a pop superstar.
“The Apprentice,” Reality; The ultimate job interview has gone global.
“The X Factor,” Entertainment; Three competing music gurus take a team of singing talent to find the ultimate performer.