Email: muller@daro-films.mc
Office: the hotel, 6th floor
Attending: Pierre-Andre Rochat, president; Anne-Marie Gaskin, head of acquisitions.
“This Is Wonderland,” Drama; A young lawyer is thrown unprepared into the chaotic criminal courts as public defender. 26 x 60 min.
“Dogstar,” Animation; The Clark family travels through space looking for a missing ark full of dogs. 26 x 30 min.
“Movies,” Drama; Large catalogue of features and TV movies

Email: decode@decode-ent.com
Web site: www.decode.tv
Office: 414
Attending: Steven DeNure, Neil Court, partners-exec producers; Dominique Bazay, VP, distribution & intl. sales.
“Delilah & Julius,” Animation; Two well-trained teen spies travel the world stopping covert plots for world domination. 26 x 22 min.
“Bromwell High,” Animation; The exploits of three naughty schoolgirls, one maverick headmaster and desperate teachers. 13 x 22 min.
“Complete Freaks of Nature,” Live Action; Thirteen-year-old Sadie Fisher’s dream is to one day go to the rain forest to study bugs, fungus and weird microbes. 26 x 22 min.

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Email: dtg007@aol.com
Web site: www.deltatvgroup.com
Office: 1056
Attending: Daniel Mulholland, president, CEO; Frank Browne, VP, regional sales director; Melissa Falcigno, director of client services.
“ScreenScape VI,” 20 prime theatricals. 20 x 90 min.
“ScreenScape V,” 20 prime theatricals. 20 x 90 min.
“ScreenScape IV,” 20 prime theatricals. 20 x 90 min.

Web site: www.dicentertainment.com
Office: 1006; (702) 322-4308
Attending: Andy Heyward, chairman-CEO; David Ozer, senior VP, domestic TV; Leslie Nelson, managing director, European sales & senior VP, intl. sales.
“Trollz,” Animated; Five best girlfriends must deal with high school, fantastic creatures and parents that sometimes just don’t understand. 26 x 30 min.
“Strawberry Shortcake,” Animated; Adventures of friends who live together in the magical world of Strawberryland. 6 x 45 min.
“Inspector Gadget’s Biggest Caper Ever …The Case of the Flying Lizzard,” Animated; Gadget saves Metro City from imminent destruction. 1 x 65 min.

Web site: www.discover.com
Office: 608
Attending: Abby Greensfelder, Rick Holzman, Daniel Russell.
“Clean Sweep,” Reality; Experts help homeowners dramatically transform two areas in their house from disaster areas to functional.
“Extreme Engineering,” Docu; Engineers design and construct the most outrageous and awe-inspiring projects ever conceived.
“Harley Davidson: Birth of the V-Rod,” Docu; An inside look at the technology behind the company’s latest bike, the V-Rod.

Email: info@dltentertainment.com
Web site: www.dltentertainment.com
Office: 1457
Attending: Don Taffner Jr., president; John Fitzgerald, vice chairman; Scott Paskoff, director of sales.
“My Family,” Sitcom; With three teenage children and a dad suffering a midlife crisis there is never a dull moment in the Harper household. 63 x 30 min.
“The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin,” Animated; Embark on a magical series of adventures throughout the land of Grundo. 65 x 30 min.
“As Time Goes By,” Sitcom; What’s in store for the Hardcastles and their extended family since the last series went off the air? 2 x 45 min.

Email: dream@dreamentertainment.com
Web site: www.dreamentertainment.net
Office: 1337; (310) 717-9569
Attending: Ehud Bleiberg, chairman-CEO; Nolan Pielak, senior VP, intl. distribution.
“Straight Into Darkness,” Action; WWII American soldiers encounter a group of shell-shocked rebels, who join them in a deadly showdown against the enemy.
“Sex Sells,” Comedy; It’s “Boogie Nights” meets “Spinal Tap” in this revealing spoof about life in the adult film industry.
“El Muerto,” Action-Adventure; A superhero rises from the dead into the streets of L.A., based on the comicbook.