Email: sabrina@cableready.net
Web site: www.cableready.net
Office: the hotel, 3rd floor; (203) 570-7765
Attending: Gary Lico, prexy-CEO; Sabrina Sanchez, director, program marketing; Lou Occhicone, VP, program operations.
“The Style Method With Kate Rice,” Reality; In this makeover series, Rice visits people’s homes to revamp their wardrobe. 13 x 30 min.
“House of Babies,” Reality; Peeks into the lives of parents, students and midwives in one of the world’s busiest midwifery education facilities. 13 x 30 min.

Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
Email: cbcis@cbc.ca
Web site: www.cbcis.ca
Office: the hotel, 60th floor; (702) 632-7777
Attending: Slawko Klymkiw, exec director, network programming, English TV; Jennifer Stewart, director, intl. sales, acquisitions & co-productions; Caroline Tyre, sales manager.
“War Without Borders: Al Qaeda and World War III,” This investigative report shows how Salafist jihadists have made Europe their new battleground in the war on terror. 1 x 60 min.
“Return to Mississippi,” Docu; Examines the modern reality for African Americans in the southern United States. 1 x 60 min.
“Nerve,” A collection of short films or crazy videos, letting kids tell their own stories in their own creative voices. 13 x 30 min.

Popular on Variety

Web site: www.carseywerner.com
Office: 438, 442
Attending: Jim Kraus, president, domestic TV distribution; Bob Dubelko, Dirk van de Bunt, co-presidents-COOs; Herb Lazarus, president intl.
“Good Girls Don’t,” Comedy; Two Midwest friends adjust to living in L.A. 8 x 22 min.
“That ’70s Show,” Comedy; Friends growing up in 1970s. 153 x 22 min.
“The Cosby Show,” Comedy; Bill Cosby brings his special comic genius as a warm family man handling five kids. 201 x 30 min.

Castle Hill
Email: mm@castlehillproductions.com
Web site: www.castlehillproductions.com
Office: 1207
Attending: Mel Maron, president of marketing & distribution; Barbara Karmel, VP, TV sales; Bunny Maron, assistant to the president.
“Volume X,” Action-adventure; drama; horror; and romantic comedy films. 21 x 90 min.
“Volume XI,” Action-adventure; drama; and romantic comedy films. 20 x 90 min.
“Volume XII,” Action-adventure; drama; and horror films. 20 x 90 min.

Channel Four
Email: gfeeney@channel4.co.uk
Web site: www.c4i.tv
Office: 1257
Attending: Christina Willoughby; Solange Ribeiro.
“Ancient Plastic Surgery,” Docu; Uncovers the secrets of the ancient art of surgery and plastic surgery. 2 x 50 mins.
“The Man Who Slept for 19 Years,” Docu; In July 2003, Terry Wallis awoke from the longest sleep in medical history. 1 x 50.
“NY-LON,” Drama; A weekly drama set in two of the world’s greatest cities: New York and London. 7 x 50 mins.

Email: international@chumtv.com
Web site: www.chumtv.com/international
Office: 3810
Attending: Jay Switzer, president-CEO; Kevin Byles, VP & general manager; Victor Rodriguez, VP, sales & business development.
“John Malkovich: Flipping Uncle Kimono,” Docu; Cameras follow the iconoclastic actor as he signs autographs touring the manufacturing plant where his clothes are produced. 1 x 60 min.
“Trend Watch,” Features exclusive profiles with A-list celebrities and fashion editors. 5 x 60 min.
“Starville,” Visit the hometowns of today’s biggest stars. 6 x 30 min.

Email: sales@cinemavault.com
Web site: www.cinemavault.com
Office: 1536
Attending: Nick Stiliadis, CEO; Natalie Kampelmacher, intl. sales director; Paco Alvarez, VP, distribution.
“Dead Meat,” Horror; It’s not what you eat, it’s whom you eat.
“Dark Warrior,” Action; Jason Yee serves up kung-fu action with attitude.
“Hockey Mom,” Family; A single mom struggles to support her son, new boyfriend and an all-girl hockey team.

Classic Media
Email: ap@classicmedia.tv
Web site: www.classicmedia.tv
Office: 1536
Attending: Robert Friedman, president; Douglas Schwalbe, head of intl.
“The Legend of Frosty the Snowman,” Animation; Frosty transforms Evergreen into the winter wonderland it was destined to become. 74 min.
“Peter Cottontail, the Movie,” Animation; Irontail is back with a plot to end spring forever. 77 min.
“George of the Jungle,” Animation; Based on the character created by the legendary Jay Ward. 26 x 30 min.

Cookie Jar
Web site: www.thecookiejarcompany.com
Office: Telefilm Canada
Attending: Michael Hirsh, CEO; Toper Taylor, head of entertainment; Sam Ewing, head of distribution.
“The Doodlebops,” This fab trio live out their daily lives in kids popdom where you never know what’s going to happen. 26 x 30 min.
“Gerald McBoing Boing,” Animation; Story of a strange little boy who talks in noises rather than words. 52 x 11 min.
“Dark Oracle,” Animation; Chronicles the lives of 14-year-old fraternal twins who discover a comicbook that looks into the future. 13 x 30 min.

Creative Light
Email: clw@crlight.com
Web site: www.crlight.com
Office: 1337
Attending: Ted Chalmers, head of worldwide distribution; Ray Haboush, head of intl. sales.
“Ark,” Action; Futuristic people need to escape their doomed planet before it’s too late. 1 x 88 min.
“Sickle,” Horror; Teens break into an old slaughterhouse that is haunted by the ghost of notorious serial killer, Marty Sickle. 1 x 92 min.
“Demon Town,” Horror; Reporters uncover the dark secret behind Acheron, a shadowy town whose inhabitants have mysteriously died. 1 x 83 min.

Email: melissa@screenmedia.nent
Office: 1056
Attending: Tony Brown, president; Frank Browne, regional sales director; Melissa Falcigno, director of client services.
“Director’s Cut 7,” Feature films, broadcast premieres. 20 x 90 min.
“Director’s Cut 6,” Feature films, broadcast premieres. 20 x 90 min.
“Director’s Cut 5,” Broadcast premieres. 20 x 90 min.