BATALLA DE SANGRE (Blood Battle), Official Selection. A Mexico City man confesses a botched kidnapping to his boss’s daughter, setting off an increasingly desperate chain of events. Carlos Reygadas (dir.); non-actors, Mantarraya Producciones (prodco.); 20 Balloons (sales rep).

SANGRE (Blood), Un Certain Regard. Diego lives alone with his wife until one day his daughter, by another woman, shows up unannounced, creating a domestic crisis. Amat Escalante (dir.); non-actors, Mantarraya Producciones (prodco.); Co-production Office (sales rep).

LOS HEROES Y EL TIEMPO (Heroes and Time), Critics Week. Doc about four former revolutionary guerilla warriors who were imprisoned for decades, then released, with footage before and after. Arturo Ripstein (dir.); Arturo Ripstein (producer); Alejandro Ripstein (sales rep).

Market Items

CONEJO EN LA LUNA (Rabbit in the Moon) The life of an Englishwoman living in Mexico City is torn apart after her Mexican husband is accused of murder and she is kidnapped. Jorge Ramirez-Suarez (dir.); Jesus Ochoa and Lorraine Pilkington (thesps); Beanca Films (Mex.) and Head Gear Films (U.K.) (co-producers); Capitol Films (sales rep).

NOTICIAS LEJANES (Distant News) A poor Mexican youth moves from his desert home to Mexico City to seek a better life for his family and faces a series of shocks and challenges in the big city. Ricardo Benet (dir.); Gina Morett and Martin Palomares (thesps); Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografia (Imcine) (producer); Susana Lopez Aranda (sales rep).

PUNOS ROSAS (Pink Punch) A young boxer witnesses a murder only to end up, later, sharing the same jail cell with the killer. Beto Gomez (dir.); Jose Yenque and Rodrigo Oviedo (thesps); Televisa Cine, Dejame Disfrutar Films, Plural Entertainment Spain (co-prods.); Kevin Williams (sales rep).

MATANDO CABOS (Killing Cabos) A pair of Mexican youths kidnap an important criminal and find themselves embroiled in a complicated and confusing chain of events. Alejandro Lozano (dir.); Ana Claudia Talancon and Pedro Armendariz Jr. (thesps); Lemonfilms (prodco.); Lightning Entertainment (sales rep).

VOCES INOCENTES (Innocent Voices) Story of children forcibly inducted into the Army during El Salvador’s brutal civil war in the 1980s. Luis Mandoki (dir.); Leonor Watling and Damian Alcazar (thesps); Altavista Films and Lawrence Bender Productions (co-prods); Lions Gate (sales rep).