Scribe Steven Maeda has sealed a two-year overall deal at Touchstone TV, where he’ll join the staff of ABC’s hit drama “Lost.”

Under terms of the seven-figure pact, Maeda will serve next year as a co-exec producer on “Lost,” in time for the castaway thriller’s second season. He’ll then turn to creating, developing and producing drama projects for Touchstone in the second year of the pact.

Maeda most recently served as a supervising producer on the CBS procedural drama “CSI: Miami.” The writer has been on the staff of “CSI: Miami” since its launch, writing or co-writing 19 episodes.

“Lost” exec producer Damon Lindelof said he went after the writer to fill one of two open positions on the show – but given the relative security of working on a “CSI” show, didn’t think he’d have a shot at Maeda.

“Those ‘CSI’ guys are untouchable,” Lindelof said. “Those shows do such huge numbers, I don’t look at them as getable. They’re like married guys. But turns out he as a fan of (‘Lost’). Every studio wanted him, and I’m sure it must have been a huge decision to leave the ‘CSI’ family.”

Lindelof said he was drawn to Maeda’s wide resume. Besides “CSI: Miami,” Maeda’s credits also include writing on two Chris Carter series, “The X-Files” and “Harsh Realm.” On the film side, Maeda–who’s repped by UTA — helped write “Murder at 1600.”

“He’s got a great genre pedigree, a procedural pedigree, and now he gets to stretch his character muscle on ‘Lost,'” Lindelof said. “Everyone will get something out of it.”