Jean-Philippe Tirel was in charge of DVD marketing at Studio Canal before joining Wild Bunch’s newly acquired production and distribution subsid Pan Europeene Edition last year as G.M. in charge of theatrical distribution.

Cannes 2004 pickups: “It was too early for us to begin buying. But knowing that we would be getting into theatrical distribution, Wild Bunch held on to the French rights of some of the films it was selling internationally.”

Wish list: “We really want to position ourselves on American films with big box office potential, like ‘Sin City,’ which we are releasing in France in June.”

Market health: “Fortunately the majors don’t have everything, there are a few big films a year that are available for independent distributors. Prices have come down a bit over the past five years and the exchange rate between the euro and the dollar is very favorable to us right now.”

Fave Cannes screen: “The Lumiere main gala theater. It’s a magic setting — but it can also create a false impression. One has to be careful not to be dazzled by the ambience, by the presence of the film’s cast and crew and so on.”

Regrets: “There isn’t one. There are films I may later regret not having spotted but I’ll only know that when they come out and I see them.”