Veteran film and TV actress Jean Carson died Nov. 2 in Palm Springs, Calif. of complications resulting from a stroke. She was 82.

Her best known role was that of Daphne on “The Andy Griffith Show,” one of the two “Fun Girls,” whose signature line was “Hello Doll!”

Born in Charleston, W. Va., she started her career on the New York stage where she debuted on Broadway in George S. Kaufman’s “Bravo.” Also on Broadway, she appeared in Arthur Laurent’s “The Bird Cage,” “Anniversary Waltz” and “Two Blind Mice.”

She appeared on early TV shows such as “The Red Buttons Show” “The G.E. Theater” as well as later shows such as “Wagon Train,” “The Untouchables,” and the “Twilight Zone” episode “A Most Unusual Camera” which was written by Rod Serling with Carson in mind.

Carson’s first feature film was “The Phoenix City Story,” and she went on to appear in features “I Married a Monster from Outer Space,” Blake Edwards’ “Gunn” “The Party” with Peter Sellers and “Fun with Dick and Jane.”

After her retirement, she continued to be involved with theater groups in the Palm Springs area, working on productions including “Elephant Man,” “Steel Magnolias” and “Surprise.”

She is survived by two sons.