Indie producers weigh-in on how to succeed

Beggs: Cable is new frontier

LAS VEGAS — Variety media columnist Brian Lowry kicked off the session by summarizing the current state of television saying, “There’s been a rapid shrinkage of independents in this business.”

The panel then discussed their work strategy that may help other independent television producers to survive. Kevin Beggs, President Lions Gate Television, says, “It’s tough. For us, cable is the new frontier –the major’s crumbs is our bread and butter.”

David Garfinkle, executive producer/partner Renegade ’83 says, “The business is still run by hits. I’m a real believer in packaging.” He attached David Kelley to his new legal show dubbed “The Law Firm,” enabling him to own the back end of the show. “Get more creative,” he suggests.

Beggs concurred. He attached Tommy Hillfinger to his show “The Cut,” which set it apart from “Project Runway” and other fashion programs that are currently available.

Scott Sternberg. executive producer Scott Sternberg Productions, says to think beyond TV, “We’re looking at different places where content is needed like cell phones.”