Green tackling ‘Affair’ host gig

Twentieth TV renews 'Current' skein

NEW YORK — Twentieth TV has awarded the host job of a new version of 1980s syndicated TV mag “A Current Affair” to Tim Green, a Fox Sports commentator and practicing attorney.

The Fox-owned TV stations in 26 markets have agreed to buy “Current Affair,” a half-hour daily series, which will premiere in the spring.

The original “Current Affair” aired in firstrun syndication from 1986-96, an unashamed popularizer of tabloid TV. The show favored “messy divorce and palimony cases, religious cults, gruesome murders, the troubles of the rich and famous … and anything involving sexy women in bikinis and lingerie,” say Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh in their TV encyclopedia.

Twentieth has assembled many of the execs who worked on the original series, led by Peter Brennan, Bob Young and John Tomlin. The show made Maury Povich, host for the first four years, a star of TV syndication; he parlayed that success into his daytime talkshow, which remains popular 15 years later.

Green is a broadcaster for National Football Games weekly for the Fox net and works as a lawyer for the N.Y. firm of Hiscock & Barclay, appearing frequently as a legal expert on Court TV. He’s written suspense novels and two nonfiction books: “The Dark Side of the Game” and “A Man & His Mother: An Adopted Son’s Search.” As an NFL player for eight years, he was a star defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons.