Fox affil dumps ‘Daddy’

Reality skein hits a bump

A Fox affil in North Carolina is crying uncle over the net’s controversial adoption special “Who’s Your Daddy?”

WRAZ Raleigh-Durham has opted not to air “Daddy” as scheduled at 8-9:30 p.m. tonight. Instead, according to the station’s Web site, viewers will be able to watch “I Have Roots and Branches: Personal Reflections on Adoption,” an indie doc about adoption from helmer-exec producer Flory Herman.

“Daddy” features an adopted woman who’s introduced to eight men and must try to decide which one is her real father.

Station execs could not be reached for comment over the weekend.

A Fox spokesman said “Daddy” was “thoroughly vetted by our standards and practices department to ensure it was appropriate for broadcast,” but conceded, “Any network affiliate that feels the programming may be inappropriate for their market has the right to preempt the special.”

NBC honcho Jeff Zucker revealed Fox’s plans to produce “Daddy” during a Peacock press conference in July. However, the controversy about the reality show’s subject matter didn’t blow up until last month, when Daily Variety reported Fox’s plans to schedule “Daddy” as a special. Fox hasn’t yet decided when or how to air several other episodes of “Daddy” already in the can.