Family hits ‘Beach’

Hourlong sudser targeting 18-34 market

TORONTO — ABC Family has partnered with Original Pictures and Insight Prods. of Winnipeg, Manitoba, to co-produce drama “Falcon Beach.”

Set in the fictional Canuck lakeside resort town of the title, the 13-part hourlong drama follows young people as they enjoy summer and prepare for life. Soapy skein targeted at the 18-34 demographic stars Steven Byers, Jennifer Kydd, Devon Weigel and Ephraim Ellis. Budget is about C$1.3 million ($1.04 million) per episode.

ABC Family will air the first season, which will be shot near Winnipeg this summer, in 2006.

“ABC Family owns the holidays and has had great success with our branded programming events,” said Tom Zappala, senior veepee of program acquisitions and scheduling for the web. “‘Falcon Beach’ will kick off our newest branded holiday ‘Sizzlin’ Summer’ in 2006.”

Canuck web Global Television, which aired the two-hour pilot in January, will air the season at an unannounced date.

Producers are Kim Todd, John Murray and Shannon Farr; exec producers are John Brunton, Todd and Barbara Bowlby.

Series was initially picked up by Global in 2003 but shelved due to federal budget cuts.