‘Ellen’ homes in on kids in syndie high

Yakker's ratings reach new heights

NEW YORK — Kids at home for vacation in the week between Christmas and New Year’s (Dec. 27-Jan. 2) aided the daytime syndies, including “Ellen,” which posted a best-ever mark of 2.5.

Yakker’s rating, its second new series high in three weeks, was aided by a 4% increase in overall average daytime broadcast viewership.

Among rookies, “Ambush Makeover” (up a 10th to 1.3) and “Larry Elder” (up 20% to 1.2) also hit new series highs, and “The Insider” improved 12% to 2.8. “Jane Pauley” (1.6) was down a 10th, while “Tony Danza” (1.4), “Pat Croce” (0.8) and “Life & Style” (0.6) were unchanged.

Vet daytime shows thrived as four of “Ellen’s” fellow yakkers hit new season highs: “Maury” (up 9% to 3.5), “Montel Williams” (up 8% to 2.8) “Jerry Springer” (up 13% to 2.6) and “Good Day Live” (up 22% to 1.1).

Five gavelers hit season highs: “Judge Joe Brown” (up 9% to 3.8), “Divorce Court” (up a 10th to 3.1), “People’s Court” (up 12% to 2.9), “Judge Mathis” (up 13% to 2.7, its highest mark since summer 2000) and “Texas Justice” (up a 10th to 2.3).

Access shows, however, fared less well as kiddies turned off the telly for family time. None of the eight top weekday off-net sitcoms saw increases, and the only gameshow to improve was “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” up a 10th to 3.6. Among newsmags, “Entertainment Tonight” (up 13% to 5.1) and “The Insider” improved, but “Inside Edition” (3.3) and “Access Hollywood” (2.4) were unchanged.