‘Dolmen’ carries ratings record

Skein ranks as most successful French miniseries of all time

PARIS — Gallic web TF1’s summer miniseries “Dolmen” ended with a bang July19, with the last episode breaking audience records as 13 million viewers tuned in for the denouement.

The skein rang in an average of 12 million viewers for each of its six episodes — a 50% market share — making it most successful French miniseries of all time.

“Dolmen,” which stars a cast from various TF1 TV series, mixed murder, buried treasure, family secrets and a romantic triangle set on an imaginary island off the cost of Brittany.

The summer mini, or la saga de l’ete as it’s called here, is a tradition in France, with Gallic webs engaging in one-upmanship in terms of ratings, budgets and stars.

“Dolmen” benefited from an $18 million budget and a sexy leading lady, Ingrid Chauvin from the popular show “Femmes de Loi.”

Not everyone, however, was happy about the mini. The office of tourism of Belle-Ile-en-Mer, the location for the imaginary isle of Ty Kern, said tourist interest in the Island has skyrocketed since the show aired.

“The vision of the Bretons is deplorable and simplistic,” Tourism Office prexy Albagnac said in an interview on French radio. “It depicts the Bretons as a mystic people who still live in the Celtic tradition.”

But Albagnac, and the Bretons, may have to get used to the attention — if TF1 comes up with a sequel.