‘Dogtown’ rolls out

Hollywood meets its new 'Lords'

There was no shortage of eye candy at Tuesday’s “Lords of Dogtown” preem, which boasted rotating teams of skaters working out on a 50-foot half-pipe skating ramp set up next to the Mann’s Chinese; skateboarding dog Tyson rolling along the red carpet; and a guest list that ran the gamut from industry suits to “the tattooed, the unshaven and the transgendered,” as one attendee puts it.

Pic is the newly relaunched TriStar’s first release and prexy Valerie Van Galder said: “I couldn’t have dreamed of a better coming-out party. This feels more like Woodstock than a premiere.”

Director Catherine Hardwicke said the skateboard world “burned our phone lines all week wanting to get in. This is their story.”

The project’s champion at Sony has been topper Amy Pascal, who said the pic is about more than skateboarding. “It’s a story of disenfranchised youth who had nothing going for them and found out they were great at something. It’s a ’40s John Garfield movie, but instead of boxing it’s skateboarding.”

Among those on hand for the after-party at Avalon, which featured perfs from Perry Farrell and Suicidal Tendencies, were Sony’s Michael Lynton and Doug Belgrad, plus original Z-Boys Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta and Jay Adams.