Nets continue to expand beyond the traditional realm of procedural drama this development season (doctors, lawyers and forensics scientists), picking up pilots Thursday revolving around relationships, the lottery and NASCAR fans.

Fox has greenlit “Ticket to Ride,” revolving around 20 people who share a winning $386 million lottery ticket, as well as “Revved,” which focuses on two brothers in North Carolina (“NASCAR country”) who tool around town in their custom cars. CBS, meanwhile, has picked up a drama presentation based on the book “Love Monkey.”

“Ticket to Ride” comes from exec producer Laurie McCarthy and co-exec producer Gwendolyn Parker, both of whom worked on “CSI: Miami” and “The Handler.”

Project, from Regency TV, follows the 20 lottery winners, who hail from all walks of life. The ticket holders find that winning that much money comes with complications as their financial lives are completely changed.

“Revved,” meanwhile, was written by Greg Coolidge (“Sorority Boys”), who will exec produce with Lorenzo di Bonaventura.

Twentieth Century Fox TV is behind the actioner, a blue-sky skein with lots of cool cars, attractive people and action. When they’re not helping out local citizens in their fight against big business and corrupt government, the brothers work out of a chop shop.

As for “Love Monkey,” pilot follows four male friends at different stages of life and love — as told from the p.o.v. of a single, thirtysomething record exec.

Based on the well-received book by Kyle Smith (described last year as Nick Hornby-meets-“Sex and the City”), “Love Monkey” will be written and exec produced by Michael Rauch (“In the Weeds”) and also exec produced by Mark Johnson.

Sony Pictures TV and Paramount Network TV will produce.