Comic cause celebre

Albrecht's all right

HOLLYWOOD — A serious cause went for the laughs Wednesday when the L.A. Mentoring Partnership had its first “Stand up for Mentoring” fundraiser at the Kodak.

A strong lineup of comics ranging from Ellen DeGeneres to Cedric the Entertainer was the attraction for the dinner/concert that honored HBO’s Chris Albrecht.

“We want to boost mentoring’s profile so it becomes part of what our culture expects from an engaged, caring adult,” co-chair Megan Chernin said. “Mentoring should be part of people’s consciousness of what they can do and share.”

Perfs, which had Bob Costas acting as emcee/”traffic cop,” included a Robin Williams routine where Jesus returns and asks the pope: “Why are you dressed like Liberace?” Williams said he was “hoping for a Brazilian pope — nuns in thongs, rum instead of wine.”

Lewis Black tied his material to the evening theme by saying: “I didn’t realize things were so bad that we had to raise money to get Chris Albrecht a mentor.”