China’s latest Endeavor

Tenpercentery pacts with Shanghai for pay TV deal

In a unique deal among tenpercenteries making a play for the fast-growing Chinese market, Endeavor has inked a deal with Shanghai Media Group, the country’s second-largest media company, to help it acquire programming for a recently launched national platform of 14 pay TV channels.

Channels are being tested by 40 cable operators around the nation.

Endeavor will both advise SMG on available content and help it close deals for everything from TV shows to movies to music videos.

While several other tenpercenteries have established offices in China, Endeavor doesn’t have a rep there and apparently sees this type of deal as a better model for working with the emerging market. It’s the first major deal of its kind the agency has made in China.

“Shanghai Media Group is leading the charge in China’s rapidly changing television industry,” Endeavor partners said in a joint statement. “In addition to being one of the top media companies in China, Shanghai Media Group is very entrepreneurial in nature, with the resources and leadership necessary to drive growth in their expanding landscape.”

SMG is working closely with the Chinese government, which hopes to phase out its existing analog cable service by 2015, at which point it will transition to all-digital.