CINEMA, ASPIRINAS E URUBUS (Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures), Un Certain Regard.

A man running away from a severe drought meets in Brazil’s impoverish Northeastern Region a German door-to-door salesman of aspirins, who was fleeing Second World War. Marcelo Gomes (dir.); Peter Ketnath and Joao Miguel (thesps); Dezenove Som e Imagens, REC Produtores (producers); Funny Balloons (sales rep).

CIDADE BAIXA (Lower City), Un Certain Regard.

Set in the port zone of Salvador, Bahia State, it is the story of Deco and Naldinho, who are lifetime friends and fell in love for a striper, Karina. Sergio Machado (dir.); Wagner Moura, Lazaro Ramos, Alice Braga (thesps); Videofilmes (producer); Lumina Films (sales/distrib).


O CASAMENTO DE ROMEU E JULIETA (Romeo and Juliet Get Married)

Alfredo Baragatti, a die-hard Palmeiras fan, raises Juliet to be just like him, one more person in love with his soccer team, but Juliet falls in love with Romeo, a die-hard Corinthians fan. Bruno Barreto (dir.); Piovani, Marco Ricca, Luis Gustavo (thesps); LC Barreto & Filmes do Equador (producer);Grupo Novo de Cinema e TV (GNCTV) (sales/distrib).

REDENTOR (Redeemer)

A journalist receives a mission from God to convince a corrupt childhood friend to donate a hefty fortune to the poor. Claudio Torres (dir.); Pedro Cardoso, Miguel Falabella, Fernanda Montenegro (thesps); Conspiração Filmes (co-producer: Warner Bros., Globo Filmes) (producers); GNCTV (sales/distrib).

SOY CUBA, O MAMUTE SIBERIANO (I Am Cuba, the Siberian Mammoth)

Documentary about a forgotten film, “Soy Cuba,” which was finally recognized as a masterpiece. Vicente Ferraz (dir.); Tres Mundos Produções, Urca Filmes (producers); GNCTV (sales/distrib).

O DIABO A QUATRO (Four for None)

Wild situation comedy that avoids the clichés of poverty and violence in Brazil. Alice Andrade (dir.); Maria Flor, Marcelo Farias, Mario Libar (thesps); Acacia Films Productions, Filmes do Tejo (producers); GNCTV (sales/distrib).

CAZUZA, O TEMPO NAO PARA (Cazuza, Time Doesn’t Stop)

The local feature with the largest B.O. in 2004, it is the biopic of popstar Cazuza, who died at 32 in the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s. Sandra Werneck, Walter Carvalho (dirs.);Daniel de Oliveira, Marieta Severo, Reginaldo Faria (thesps); Lereby Producoes (producer); GNCTV (sales/distrib).

VIDA DE MENINA (Diary of a Provincial Girl)

Recounts the life of a young girl OF English descent born in Diamantina at the end of the 19th century. Helena Solberg (dir.); Ludmila Dayer, Daniela Esocbar, Dalton Vigh (thesps); Radiante Filmes (producer); GNCTV (sales/distrib).

BENDITO FRUTO (Maria’s Place)

Memories, hidden desires and inadmissible secrets are about to be revealed. Sergio Goldenberg (dir.); Otavio Augusto, Zezeh Barbosa, Vera Holtz (thesps); Tropicos Artes e Comunicacao (producer); GNCTV(sales/distrib).

FILHAS DO VENTO (Daughters of the Wind)

A lyric story of love and redemption in a family of Brazilian Afro descendants. Joel Zito Araujo (dir.); Milton Gonçalves, Ruth de Souza, Lea Garcia (thesps); Casa de Criacao (producer); GNCTV (sales/distrib).